thankfully i ve dealt with my fair share of shedding owning heavy shedders and being a dog groomer so i have a few tips to help you get control of your many high contents will phase out and change color with each shed re growing of their winter coats below images are of the same wolfdog showing its summer source german shepherds german shepherd with more hair than short haired if you have a dog with a single layer coat you have never experienced the horror of a coat blow short haired german shepherd 2 coat and so all that puppy hair has to go for several weeks you ll notice a sudden increase in shedding but not to worry it s a normal part of stress annie von ansbach is an 18 month old coated german shepherd she blew her summer coat but is working on her new fluffy winter coat husky coat blow german shepherd german shepherd with fewer hair short haired german shepherd with angulation plush coated looks like the short haired german shepherd king shepherd appearance perfect specimen of a short haired german shepherd beautiful short haired german shepherd 11374716 452361124944060 1927926701 n husky coat blow 10958088 1557365941208592 1716955772 n image titled take care of a german shepherd step 12 housepet potential german shepherds the long coat has wispier hair on the chest back face tail and on the backside of its legs left long haired german shepherd temperament german shepherd image titled take care of a german shepherd step 3 7 dog shedding home remes a chow chow with a strange and magnificent coat don t shave 7 don t shave 1 for larger view this is why it s very bad practice to shave your lab you won t be doing them any favors by getting rid of the very thing that keeps their temperature uploaded 5 months ago why dogs shed best dog grooming brush for german shepherd dogs puppies brushes combs de shedding de matting tools should i shave my dog1 image titled take care of a german shepherd step 17 a german shepherd should not live in tropical or very warm climates shave down not the best option for your dog love fur dogs chicago and north s s finest dog cat and pet groomers image titled take care of a german shepherd step 1 image titled take care of a german shepherd step 10 11241975 385652344962037 301155789 n 7 dog shedding home remes