spray foam basement walls basement walls in spray foam damp basement walls ideally you ll want to remove the pink wall wrap insulation entirely and have a new insulation and vapour barrier system installed or a spray foam steps to finishing a basement 2 caulk gaps closed cell spray foam insulation for better thermal protection closed cell foam acts as a perfect vapor barrier after 2 it doesn t allow for convection and it has a much higher insulating value than fiberglass if you want to insulate the interior of your basement wall with spray foam specify closed cell spray foam not open cell foam box around ductwork and obstruction soffit framing basement source makinghouseswork cchrc org fh04may frabmt 01 5 insulating basement walls ready to use spray foam in a can professional foams sealants professional 2 component spray foam kits new mouse shield foam sealant blocker figure 6 17 top view of a framed wall with batt insulation and spray foam there is no better way to insulate a concrete wall than closed cell spray foam the old method of using plastic sheeting framing a wall and then using basement renovations how to prevent mold when finishing basements figure 6 14 double layer batt insulation in a framed wall this year i m thankful for closed cell foam insulation yeah that s right image titled insulate basement walls step 13 foam wall insulation basement wall insulation options closed cell spray foam insulation being installed in a img 1506 post frame building insulation framing on the floor before erecting over basement wall insulation installation spray foam insulation board 1 2 rigid expanding plastic sheet supplieranufacturers at expanded a 2 in layer of xps foam r 10 is adequate in most of climate zone 4 however if you live in marine zone 4 or in zones 5 6 7 basement walls insulated with spray foam why i don t like spray foam in existing home walls figure 6 13 framed wall with batt insulation concrete wall with exterior insulation basement renovation insulation best practices insulating basement walls and framing finishing basement leave at least 1 of air space between foundation walls and framing to prevent the formation of thermal bridges 2016 12 18 15 28 53 stone basement crawl space repair spray foam insulation covers stone basement walls stone basement walls crumbling trained applicator applying spray polyurethane foam insulation in wall cavities build basement walls basement walls my first unfinished basement project waterproofing basement walls basement walls waterproofing spray foam insulation toronto inside job insulated and plugged 2lb spray foam applied to basement walk out walls source basc pnnl gov basement wall framed around pipes rigid foam insulation having an insulation contractor hit the entire top plate with closed cell foam often works foam and spray insulation combination contact us